Terms & conditions


Accommodation type will be stated in each individual tour. The rating of the property or site is indicative of an Australian standard and may differ from your home country.

Bunkhouse – typically a basic accommodation with several bunk beds in one room. Toilet and shower facilities are shared, gender specific and are external to the building. Dining and communal areas are often included in this style of accommodation.

Tent camping – typically a 2-3 person tent erected and taken down by the group Dining and communal area will be outdoors.

Hostel dormitory – a budget style accommodation offering dormitory rooms with several bunk beds in one room, toilet and shower facilities are shared but in house. The facilities can often offer limited facilities like a shared lounge and kitchen.

Hotel – named establishments normally with twin, triple and family rooms, often with private or shared facilities. Various facilities may be on offer such as dining, lounge, café/bar area.


EA will provide most meals for the tour as outlined in the menu in the tour agreement.  The students, EA staff and Chaperone will all work together collaboratively to prepare the eating area and food. The group will also be expected to serve all meals, clean up and pack away of the meal equipment.  This is a life skill that is part of the learning process in this tour.

Where we state that snacks and drinks are provided please note that this will be water or cordial and not energy drinks, soft drinks, alcohol and other styles of drinks.

We sometimes allow time for students to order meals in key locations at their own expense.  It is unknown what people will want and therefore this charge has been taken out of the tour cost. The establishments they chose will not have been risk assessed by EA therefore EA will take no responsibility for the quality of the establishment the students chose.

As this is an Australian immersion program it is designed to provide, primarily Australian style food.  There will be some provision for international style food where it can be prepared and is deemed practical to make at the time.

Tour constraints with time and location will determine the types of meals chosen.

As part of the experience the students will be given a number of shopping and cooking challenges to work as a team and prepare a meal.

Tour agreement

Our tour agreement is a legally binding contract that has been signed by both parties. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions will be seen as breach of contract and will fall under the jurisdiction of Australian law.


Once a proposal has been agreed, a tour agreement contract will be drawn up and sent for signature. Upon receipt of the returned signed tour agreement, an invoice for 10% (or $7000AUD , whichever is the lesser) of the sum total of the tour will be sent. This will act as a deposit to secure the booking and a booking confirmation will be sent.

Payments will then be due

16 weeks prior to departure 50% of total cost

8 weeks prior to departure 100% of total cost

The final balance invoice will be forwarded to you 9 weeks prior to the tour and will be based on minimum numbers as quoted in your contract.


Group numbers

Any additional participants will be charged accordingly, on a separate invoice prior to the start of your program.

Your organisation is responsible for any gap that may exist between final numbers and the minimum number quoted on the tour agreement. Should the group not reach minimum numbers, as per the program agreement you will be liable to pay the total costs based on the agreed minimum numbers.

Changes to your tour by us

From time to time some minor amendments must be made to the tour program due to unforeseen circumstances, these small changes will not impact the program outline or detract from the groups enjoyment. In this case we would refer to these changes as “minor” and inform you with the final tour outline.

A change to your departure date or planned area to visit would be classed as “Major” we would therefore discuss these changes without prior to departure, as we will require get agreement from the group.

If a program is cancelled due to extreme weather conditions a refund will not be provided.  A program will be rescheduled if it is a single day activity or if it is cancelled (due to poor weather) prior to the program commencing.

In the case of extreme weather and/or force majeure, EA has contingency plans for all programs and most activities. We can modify the tour or activity by relocating the venue.

EA will always try to rearrange and modify the tour rather than cancelling, however in the event of catastrophic unforeseen circumstances it may be feasible that an entire tour is not able to run at the planned location or on the planned departure date. In this case you are able to rebook your tour at a later date .

Changes to our tour by you

Should you wish to make any amendments to the program agreement, such as change of venue or accommodation you will be charged the additional costs incurred plus and administration fee of $100 for each change.


EA has an agreement with you organisation which is separate from your responsibilities with your individual customers.  Individual cancellations will not affect the group booking you have made with EA.

If your organisation cancels the tour, cancellation charges will apply as per the below schedule;

Up to 26 weeks = deposit

Up to 16 weeks = 50%

Up to 8 weeks = 80%

Up to  4 weeks = 90%

Less than 4 weeks = 100%

Travel delay and Contingency

If additional costs are incurred due to postponing tours, relocating tours, relocating or changing accommodation and/or relocating changing activities these must be paid by your organisation.

If your organisation does not wish to pay for the additional costs of postponement, relocation or other contingency plans it may choose to cancel the program and incur the costs associated with cancellation as detailed in the above cancelation policy.

Accuracy of content

Whilst we endeavour to keep our product descriptions up to date and accurate at all times, there may be instances where a 3rd party supplier does not inform us of changes. As soon as we are made aware, we will always ensure we pass this information on to you. Should any of these changes constitute a major change, please refer to our changes by us section.

Recommended venues

Venues and locations that have been assessed and vetted by us will form part of our programs and can be a part of our recommended list of venues. Outside of the tour program we may occasionally mention other venues or locations that are popular to visit, this may not have been assessed by us for suitability and in no way would we take liability for the quality or safety of this venue.

Lost property

Should somebody within the group lose a personal item we are unable to take responsibility for the missing item. We would of course assist in trying to locate the item and store it should the item be found. We take no responsibility if the item is returned by us and damaged during transit.