Your responsibilities

Your organisation is purchasing a group rate on ground package that you are selling to individual customers.

All participants on the program must adhere to instructions and rules of the program being conducted.  This will involve also complying with the Australian Federal and State Law relevant to Visas and normal day to day living.

Your organisation will ensure Earth Adventure and/or contractors will be reimbursed for any damages to equipment or facilities caused through willful actions of participants attending the program.

Adults supplied by your company must read and adhere to the Chaperone responsibilities listed in the documentation provided.

Adults that are provided by your organisation are to support EA employees in the provision of activities listed on the program provided, in addition to providing appropriate supervision in non-activity times, such as breaks or in the evening.  Where stated, appropriate activities will need to be provided by these adults and it is your organisation’s responsibility to ensure it has completed a risk assessment for these activities that can be provided to EA upon request.

Your organisation must inform EA of any participants which it considers to have special needs, or has been identified as having behavioural issues. Your organisation must assist EA in ensuring additional support and/or supervision can be provided where necessary.